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Visual arts

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“Creativity is discovering”: this is the creative company philosophy of all projects designed for the Blending studio’s customers. Blending’s creativity is discovering new communication forms to integrate the traditional communication solutions; it is finding diverse art techniques to promote a product, service or value through an alternative visual language.

Blending studio is visual communication designed with highly creative contents; in a Blending’s project visual arts blends to give a very customized solution and this way, make the customer identity more competitive.

Built in 20 years of activity, the know-how of Blending studio can provide "cross-media" communication projects made with passion, expertise and reliability:

- printed design: corporate identity (personal cards, letterhead paper, envelop letter...), depliants, product catalogs, billboards (posters, banners ...) and much more;

- web design: responsive websites, e-commerce site, e-mail design and social media;

- product design: brand design, packaging design, labeling design, in store communication (displays, pop-ups, billboards);

- character design for virtual testimonials, company mascottes, comics and cartoons;

- fashion design: promo apparel collections, apparel for sport clubs, branded accessories;

- prototype design: virtual prototyping for fashion and interior design.

Visual arts

Visual arts constantly evolve. With high attention, Blending studio promotes the study of innovative arts and their possible blending with traditional visual arts, looking for creative inputs to give a new life to the visual communication.

Blending studio produces independent design projects, video entertainment projects and pure art projects; this is a real interest to delve into the universe of creativity. Traditional and digital illustration, graphic design blended with photography, animated illustration, animated photography, study of the virtual reality and much more...

because “creativity is discovering” new art forms.

Animation and post-production

The visual communication becomes even more engaging with animated arts: the universe of animation and the universe of design give infinite creative solutions; their blending creates a powerful mean attract the spectator and change the simple viewing of contents in a sensorial experience.

The animated arts can generate strong emotional impacts;often, they are crucial in marketing to make the company identity more stronger, or to celebrate an important event, giving a unforgettable message in the memories of a huge audience; the immediacy of the motion graphic can be often useful to make clear the understanding of the difficult concepts.

With an animated project, the communication of the companies will be always original, emotional and never ordinary:

- storyboarding;

- design and animation of 2D or 3D graphic (motion graphic) for the video learning, info graphic and intercative video;

- virtual environment for movie and game;

- commercial spot from the writing to final production;

- animated corporate identity and format identity (animated logo, creative credit, lower third...);

- animated comic, from the writing to the production;

- post-production and visual effects on animated video and live action video.

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